Welcome to the Burnham-on-Sea Lifeboat Station website. This site is maintained by lifeboat station personnel and as such is the official Burnham-on-Sea RNLI website. Within these pages you will find station history and indicative operational information, detailing the service provided to those who spend time on the water off of the Somerset coast, from Watchet to Brean Down.

Our station at Burnham-On-Sea has only been operational since December 23rd 2003 and is crewed by a highly trained, efficient and enthusiastic bunch of men and women, supported in the background by admin staff, station supporters, shop staff, fundraisers and many others.

Through the dedication and training of around 30 volunteer boat crew, shore crew and officers at Burnham-On-Sea, our role is to 'Save Lives at Sea'. Please do not forget that our life saving activities are only possible because of voluntary contributions. Please support the RNLI.

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Burnham-on-Sea RNLI volunteers complete November's training exercise ‘Octopussy’. 16-11-16

The volunteer crew were put through their paces with a scenario based training exercise (mock shout) which involved rescuing casualties from Burnham's lower lighthouse as the tide enveloped it. They also had to handle a first aid incident which blocked the jetty.

The training is designed to test the skills of all the station volunteers. The Launch Operations Manager (LOM) received notification that for exercise purposes reports had been received of lights being spotted on Burnham's Lower Lighthouse and he was requested to launch the lifeboats to investigate. This set in motion the lifeboat and shore crew members getting changed as quickly as possible into the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), then marshalling traffic to enable the launch vehicles to be driven to the jetty.

The Beach Master (in charge of authorising launches at the water's edge and safety) had to deal with challenging conditions due to the high tide and waves on the jetty but a successful launch of the B class was achieved. However, due to a member of the shore crew (pretending) to fall and break their leg the D Class lifeboat 'Burnham Reach' was unable to launch from the jetty. So with quick thinking the Beach Master despatched them to the alternate launch site at the sailing club.

The shore crew then had to deal with the first aid incident and had to use their recently refreshed first aid skills to fracture strap the casualty and get them into a stretcher to get them off the jetty.

Meanwhile the lifeboat crews had managed to get a crew member onto the lighthouse, with skilful boat handling, and on assessing the scene they discovered two cold casualties one of whom had a suspected broken leg. It was the turn for the boat crews to use their first aid skills and to work out how to safely evacuate the casualties. Once all training had been complete it was time for the lifeboats to be returned to station for a full wash down and a full debrief.



Burnham-on-Sea RNLI and BARB Search and Rescue to brighten up Emergency Services day, on Sunday 7th August 2016

With added help from both HM Coastguard and Victoria Taylor from Burnham Bootcamp. (more details here)

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Sunday 13th November

Both Burnham-on-Sea RNLI Lifeboats tasked to assist search for a missing man at Stert Marshes  .........more.......



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