Wanted - Tractor Drivers & Shore Team Volunteers


9 March Burnham-on-Sea 004_2015

Burnham-on-Sea RNLI seeks more volunteers

More volunteers are needed to help launch the Burnham-on-Sea lifeboats as two of our shore team have progressed to probationary boat crew status. No experience is necessary, as training is provided. All that is needed is a common sense attitude to life, the ability to commit oneself to regular training, and basic physical fitness, within the generally accepted age limits (over the age of 18).

Applicants may be male or female, as the RNLI is an equal opportunities organization, and ideally should be able to attend the lifeboat station quickly when paged for emergency attendance (Referred to as ‘shouts’).

Prospective volunteers should attend a Wednesday evening training session, and make themselves known to a member of the lifeboat station management team, where they will be able to discuss requirements in detail.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Matt Davies says; ‘Working within the RNLI can be very satisfying, and team members often develop life-long friendships. Shore team members may progress to boat crew, if young enough, or become involved in tractor driving. Of course, this is also dependent on operational requirements. Come along and meet us.’

Burnham-on-Sea RNLI Lifeboat Station seeks two volunteer tractor drivers to join it's highly valued shore team, to facilitate day cover.


Come and play with the Big Boys Toys



Whilst RNLI volunteer boat crews man the lifeboats, it is the station shore team that enable the launch. The tractor drivers are an essential part of this shore team, using the specialised launching tractors to launch and recover lifeboats on the beach, and returning them to the lifeboat station. Tractor drivers can be male or female, as the RNLI is an equal opportunities organisation.  


In addition to the ability to reach the station within ten minutes, during a daytime callout, applicants need to show a commitment to regular Wednesday evening training sessions, and a sufficient level of physical fitness. There is a lower age limit of 21 years, for insurance purposes.


The Lifeboat Operations Manager says; "Experience is not necessary. We can provide all the training, and successful applicants will have the enjoyment of working within a close friendly team."

Day cover boat crew are also welcome to join us.