Shouts (Service Calls) 2015

  Boats Date Helm Incident
 3B & D 12th April Ash & Tim Tasked to search for dog and owner lost on Brean Down.
 2 B & D4th April Nick & Nick Tasked to 24 foot motor cruiser with loss of power. 
 1 B & D 15th Feb Stu & Tim Tasked to vessel drifting without power.

Latest Shout Monday 28th March 2016

Both Burnham-on-Sea RNLI Lifeboats launch on Easter Monday to assist a distressed speedboat.

Burnham-on-Sea RNLI was paged at 10.46 a.m. after a yacht was reported aground, with three people aboard (one of whom was very cold), in the River Parrett at Combwich.  Both lifeboats were launched just before 11.00 a.m. and the volunteers proceeded upriver towards the casualty area.  

The casualty vessel proved to be a waterski powerboat, approximately 18 foot in length, manned by a group of three, drifting with the outgoing tide and in imminent danger of running aground. The occupants (Experienced water users) were trying to paddle to the safety of the local launch slipway. It should be noted that they were all wearing lifejackets and carried a means of communication with the shore.

Atlantic 75 Helmsman Kevin Barber said; ‘the D class lifeboat Puffin volunteer crew, accepted a line from the powerboat and towed it to the slipway, whilst we stood bye in support. The occupants were then able to affect recovery. We returned to Burnham-on-Sea for a speedy but exciting recovery, in the stiff onshore breeze.’